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Glory to God

Character Education

Experience the transformative power of faith and character development with our Glory to God Curriculum at camp! Join us as we embark on a journey of spiritual growth and personal development, where children learn the importance of nurturing a relationship with God while honing outstanding character traits. Through engaging activities, meaningful discussions, and uplifting lessons, we explore values such as respect, integrity, and determination, instilling in young hearts the principles needed to thrive in today's world. Let us guide your child towards a deeper understanding of faith and the building blocks of exemplary character. Join us on this enriching and inspiring journey!

Morning and Afternoon Fellowship

Each Day of Camp will begin and end with all of the children gathering and having the opportunity to Praise and Fellowship with other campers! This will include an opportunity to sing, dance and have a blast recapping days events!


Embark on an electrifying adventure this summer at camp with Robotics! Inspire your child's curiosity as they dive into the world of robotics, engineering, and innovation. From building their own bots to every day promises of hands-on fun and learning. Join us for a summer of creativity, discovery, and endless possibilities in the realm of robotics!


Unlock the pwoer of STEM this summer! Dive into a world of discovery where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics come to life through exciting experiements, hands-on projects, and captivating challenges. From exploring the mysteries of the universe to designing and creating innovative solutions, our STEM programming offers an immersive and exhilarating experience for curious young minds. Join us as we ignite a passion for learning and inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers!

Amazing Arts and Crafts

Get ready to unleash your creativity this summer with arts and crafts! Join us for a world of imagination and self-expression as you dive into a variety of fun and engaging projects. From painting and sculpting to collage-making and beyond, every day promises a new adventure in creativity. Let your artistic talents shine as you explore different mediums and techniques in a vibrant and supportive environment. Get ready for a summer filled with color, laughter, and endless possibilities in the world of arts and crafts!

Coding for Kids

Explore the digital world this summer with Coding, Adventure into computer programming where you'll learn to code your own games, apps, and websites. From mastering the basics of coding languages to tackling advanced challenges, our camp offers hands-on learning experiences that will sharpen your problem-solving skills and ignite your passion for technology. Get ready for a summer filled with innovation, collaboration, and endless possibilities in the world of coding! Join us now!

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