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  A Message from the Events Director

we are always looking and in need of volunteers to support our events.  If you are interested in volunteering we would love to hear from you.  Capital Baptist Church provides many community events during the year for children and adults.  We provide these events to provide fellowship with the community and to open our doors to those who wish to attend.

Volunteer Opportunities for 2020

  • Kids Camp Counselor
  • Parking Lot assistance
  • Registration
  • Morning Exercise
  • Bathrooms
  • Water Coolers and cups
  • Daily Equipment
  • First Aid
  • Attendance
  • Lunch room setup
  • Coach
  • Fundraising
  • Office Support
  • Facility Volunteer
  • Special Events
  • Child Care

Kids Camp Counselor
Assist Camp Director with daily operations of the events. You will be asked to submit a profile form indicating your previous event experience and how you can help us as a counselor.

Parking Lot assistance
To help in the arrival and departure of children each morning and evening to maintain order and safety for the children.

Assist Camp Director in registration of children and volunteers for our events.

Morning Exercise
Lead the children in a morning exercise routine to provide a warm-up after the children arrive and prior to the start of daily activities.

Assist Camp Director in assuring safety in and around the bathroom areas for all children.

Water Coolers and cups
Setup water stations as designated by the Camp Director for the children to maintain their safety during the day.

Daily Equipment
Stage and setup and cleanup equipment utilized during the camp activities each day.

First Aid
Monitor our event activities and be present in the case of any first aid needs for children during the events.

Assist Camp Director in checking in, checking out, providing name tags and other duties to assist the children in their arrival and departure.

Lunch Room setup
Setup lunch room for the children as outlined in the event program.

We are always looking for coaches in the area that would volunteer to work with the children in various sporting activities.  If you can help us for an event or event part-time for an event we would love to talk with you about assisting with the children.

Be a part of an active fundraising campaign.

Office Support
Help with administrative activities to include typing, phones, mailings, etc.

Facility Volunteer
Help with the activities at our facilities and child care units. Greeters, lobby assistant, etc.

Special Events
Work on the many special events at our facility.

Child Care
To help in the delivery of the chiuld care program for preschool age children.  Direct involvement with day-to-day activities that nurture children.

For more information about our events or how you can register, please review the various event pages within this website or call our office at (703) 560-3109 x118 or drop us a line and we will help you however we can.

2020 WOW VBS Spectacular

Capital Kids Events & Camps for 2020
Start TimesEventEligibilityCostDates
5:40pm - onboarding
5:45pm - program
VBS - Preschool RegistrationAge 2-5FREEJune 29 - July 2
5:55pm - onboarding
6:00pm - program
VBS - Elementary RegistrationGrade K-6FREEJune 29 - July 2
If you have questions about WOW VBS please contact

    the VBS Director by phone at (703) 560-3109 x118

    or Contact Us and we will help you however we can.

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