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2020 WOW VBS Spectacular

June 29 – July 2, 2020

Starting Times:

Preschool (Age 2 – 5)

  • 5:40pm on-boarding
  • 5:45pm program start

Elementary (K – Grade 6)

  • 5:45pm on-boarding
  • 6:00pm program start

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2020 WOW VBS Session Links:

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2020 WOW VBS Intro Videos:

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2020 WOW VBS General Guidelines:

General Guidelines

1. Utilize virtual background if possible; if your computer will not support it then do not use it.
2. Encourage the children and show them the love of Jesus.
3. If you become ill or are not feeling well please let your team members know as soon as possible so that they can make arrangements to fill-in for you.
4. When a team member is stating the memory verse ALL team members should recite the verse to set an example for the children.
5. When praying ALL team members should place their hands in praying position to illustrate for the children an intentional moment for prayer.
6. All team members should gather for prayer prior to the start of the daily session (if possible); many are gathering at 5:30pm to open the zoom meeting and pray prior to children joining.

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2020 WOW VBS Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we provide a Bible for a child who accepts Jesus salvation during this time?

The leader should capture the name of the child and submit the information to Ms. Norah so that we can capture and track all those that do make a decision during these four days.

How does a child receive the zoom link for attending WOW VBS?

Online registration is available HERE

Does WOW provide quiz or question sheets for use in child interaction?

WOW VBS has provided us with daily quiz sheets based on the WOW video and lesson for the day. If you do not have them please contact Mr. Mike for obtaining a copy.

Can I use polling in the zoom meet?

Polling is available for use during the zoom meet. If your meeting does not have polling talk to the technical resource supporting your group. The technical resource will need to create and administer the polling for you. You can have as many polls as you want; you will need to script when you want them displayed to the children.

How do I set up the WOW Background?

Set the virtual background once you are in a zoom meeting by selecting the video options; select virtual background; select the file name you wish to utilize as a background image. Do NOT select green screen; DO select mirror my video.

What if I get an error message when I try to set up my WOW background?

This happens with some older computers. Please do not go to any great lengths to address this problem.

How closely must I follow each evening’s script?

Let the Holy Spirit guide each word and each response. The timelines are a general guide so we don’t run out of time or rush through our content. If you plan to use any visuals, the lead and tech folks for your class need to know – the day before, so they can ensure it’s ready. It is far better if you do not read it, but use it as a guide to ensure you hit the main points and don’t forget anything important. Please transition by introducing whomever comes up next. The script should include cues for all visuals, so the Tech lead is aware prior to the night’s event.

When will the Zoom Room be open each evening?

5:30pm. Please be in place early and set aside time to pray for the children, each other and the night.

Where can I find information about WOW VBS 2020 that is pertinent to all groups?

You can view the www.capitalevents.church primary webpage from the menu or you may view the private pages www.capitalevents.church/vbs-leader page or www.capitalevents.church/vbs-countdown page.

What is our sequence each evening?

For each elementary classroom, a countdown clock will displayed until 6pm at which time the evening will begin. A short introduction to the evening (Shannon) will be played, followed directly by the WOW Video. As soon as it is complete, our evening program will begin. Close the night in prayer and inviting them back tomorrow (except for the last night).

How can we follow up with the children/families – regarding salvation or any other question/etc that came up during VBS?

Only registered families will be provided the Zoom Link, everyone who registers is required to provide names, address, phone and email. As long as you have the child’s name and grade, we can follow up.

How should we manage questions/responses from the children?

One way to do it is to allow chat only between the families and the host (and moderators). Tell children at the beginning of the night to respond via chat. Have one or two people assigned to monitor chat. If the question is relevant to the lesson, the monitor will verbally, at a pause, let the speaker know that _______ has a question (or comment) to share. If comments are of substance, but off topic, the monitor may choose to respond back via chat … and then point them back to attend to the lesson.

How do we manage any disruptive children/circumstances?

The Tech Lead in each room will monitor the gallery. He will be able to mute any unnecessary noises. He is also able to move a disruptive individual to the waiting room.

How do we want to handle “Altar call” via zoom?

When the Gospel is shared each day, it should include an opportunity for children to respond. Invite children who want to talk more about accepting Jesus as their Savior to let us know in the chat box. The chat box will go just to the host/moderators and we’ll respond asking when they are available for a separate zoom meeting.

If you wish to offer to meet directly afterwards, zoom has an option to enable breakout rooms. If this option is configured prior to the zoom meeting start, they’ll be available. Of course, you want to be sure there is more than one adult available (for on-line/legal safety) in each break out. Breakout rooms allow us to have the discussion with each child individually, rather than in a group. It may be that right after the zoom meeting is not good for the family … but it’d be good to set a time/date before the ZoomRoom is over. As long as we have the child’s name, we will have address/email/phone, so we can follow up. If they’re local, a visit would of course be ideal. If a child makes a decision to accept Jesus as savior during VBS, a Bible can be provided.

How should we encourage interaction, questions, responses, etc?

See response above on chat. Also, polling may be an option. If enabled, the host may post a poll on zoom and the participants click on their response.

Will the WOW VBS zoom meetings be recorded?

We are planning to record each meeting each evening. Our decision for that is based on the desire to have a recording available in case of a parent / child complaint about something that was said or delivered during the zoom meet.

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